About the company

Normolde 2, being a specialized engineering company, relies on the extensive experience of its founders and employees, to provide a full service to its clients.  Aims to provide services from the development of the plastic part, engineering, complete process control of the manufacture of moulds in partnership with Normolde Ltd, to the try-outs, pre-series or productions of moulds in similar terms and conditions of production as the client.
Capable of satisfying the  needs of their most demanding customers, destined to the  diversed markets globally, such as:





The mission of Normolde 2 is intended for the collaboration of strategic options that create value to its clients globally and contribute to the achievement of its objectives, providing specialized services demanding complexity, ensuring quality and excellence!


We aim to establish the actions that  Normolde 2 should take in the present, to conquer the future by defining clearly where the company Intends to Go
"be recognized as a company of excellence in providing specialized technical services of engineering and manufacture of molds."


Strategic Targets

The implementation of new methodologies of management and technological engineering of project solutions and customer relations in order to improve product quality by reducing costs and delivery times.


The company's Certification system is currently being implemented.

Project 20/20

Normolde 2 informs that it is currently participating in 2 Projects of Portugal 20/20: 

  • Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship 
  • Qualification and  Innovation of SMC (small and medium companies)

Portugal 2020